we make delicious canapés


Breathtaking in their visual impact and heavenly to the taste buds, our unforgettable Canapés are, quite simply, works of culinary art.

Savoury or dessert, each and every one is a showstopper signature dish.

And they will work for every possible occasion. Sophisticated cocktail parties and weddings, office functions, corporate events, family christenings and important birthdays — not to mention friends’ special get-togethers and even outdoor picnics at major entertainment events.

There are just so many wickedly delicious canapés to choose from – just look at the photos and you will see how eye catchingly tempting they are.

They have proved so popular that clients are now asking for them as special, added extras at events where they have already organised the main catering.

For everyone it promises a feast of unmitigated delight.

Why not contact our special planning consultant and discuss with them how our Canapés might work their magic for you at your next event….?

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